GC170 Bobby Blaze Returns

We brought Bobby Blaze (aka Bobby Blaze Smedley) back. This time to discuss self-publishing.

 Bobby Blaze

First a disclaimer

I was drinking when I recorded

so sue me if it goes astray…

We recorded on Sunday 12/03/17.  That day Jules and I went to brunch with some friends, and those friends are a menace.  After several bottles of champagne and a three-hour nap, I figured I was good to record, but alcohol impairs your judgment.  I was a little slurry when we recorded so please accept my apologies.

Booby Blaze Smedley

Is uniquely positioned to talk about finding a market for a self-published book.  He is a retired pro wrestler who has written two books about his life (see the links).

Some questions covered

  • What is a vanity press?
  • What steps are involved in self-publishing on Amazon?
  • How to work on your social media visibility
  • are conventions right for me?
  • should people gamble on themselves?

Did Jeremy just try to create a hashtag?

Yes, yes he did. #GiveTilItHelps . We ask that all Indy artists try using this to help each other get the word out about their projects.






About Jeremy

Jeremy is a salesman, frustrated artist and giant nerd.
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