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Marc Zicree Space Command

Writer / Producer Marc Zicree stops in to talk about his upcoming “Space Command”, its Kickstarter campaign and why optimism is leading the way for the future of sci-fi.

Space Command is a multi-generational space opera with a cast and crew of Sci-Fi royalty. You can still get in on the final $7,500 push of the Kickstarter this week. Or just tune in to check out Marc’s insider info and great showbiz stories.

Many thanks to Ryan T. Husk for making this possible.

 Marc Zicree and some of the cast from Space Command: Redemption

About Marc Zicree

Marc Scott Zicree has written and produced hundreds of hours of TV programs and worked for virtually all the major studios and networks. His credits include Star Trek- The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Twilight Zone, Babylon 5, Beauty And The Beast, Forever Knight, Sliders, Friday The 13th – The Series, Liberty’s Kids, Superfriends, He-Man, Real Ghostbusters and Smurfs, and many others, as well as pilots For CBS, NBC, ABC and Showtime.

For more about Marc check out his IMDB Page or his website 

Space Command: Redemption

SPACE COMMAND will be a series of new and original feature films by STAR TREK writer Marc Zicree and director/digital film pioneer Neil Johnson.
Inspired by classic science fiction TV & Film of the 1950s, this dream team is set to bring to life “Bold Adventures in the Far Reaches of Space.”

Check out Space Command’s Website and Kickstarter

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