167 Brian C. Baer author of How He-man Mastered the Universe and other books

Brian C. Baer author of How He-man Mastered the Universe joins us.  We talk about his writing career, his time abroad as a teacher and his books.  We delve into the history of the MOTU toy line to talk about its inception and some of its adaptations.

About Brian C. Baer

Brian C. Baer hails from Walla Walla, Washington. After receiving a degree in creative writing from Eastern Washington University, he moved abroad to teach English in the Czech Republic, London, and Manchester, UK. Upon moving back to the States, he published his first novel, “Bad Publicity”, through the now-defunct Porfirio Press. His essays on pop culture have been posted on ComicBookMedia.com and in Vex Mosaic, and his short fiction has been published in various websites, anthologies, and been read aloud on the Drabblecast.

About How He-man Mastered The Universe

Brian C. Baer

This book delves into the history of He-man as a toyline and a media property. Starting from Matel missing the boat on Star Wars licensing. To Filmation picking up the animation rights. Paying special attention to the Canon film from the 1980’s. Brian really nails the important moments in He-man’s history.


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