GC164 Bobby Blaze Smedley Interview

I have heard Bobby Blaze on a few wrestling podcasts recently and going through a classic wrestling phase I picked up his book.  I hit him up on twitter and asked him to come on, and lucky for us he said yes.  Bobby is a super friendly guy with a lot of great stories and insight.

Bobby Blaze

About Bobby Blaze Smedley

Bobby has been a pro wrestler, teacher, and is now an author and consultant.  He talks some about his approach to writing, and why you always need to have a plan b in life.  The subject of being able to connect with people over the internet comes into play.  Then finally we talk about the NWA world title and the SMW title.  Bobby tells us about his time in Smokey Mountain Wrestling and why he is a Jim Cornette guy.

In this episode, the language gets a bit bawdy, and we do go into overtime, but I had a lot of fun recording it and can’t wait for Bobby to come back on.

Next time we will cover questions regarding his book and what he learned about marketing for authors.


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