GC163 Interview with Alex Schumacher writer and illustrator

I met Alex when a friend of his commented on the Ellen Dubin episode on Twitter. We seemed to hit it off pretty quickly and he got me invited to a panel at A.P.E. (Alternative Press Expo 2017) in San Jose as a podcast panel member. I thought his personality and our rapport would translate pretty well on the podcast.  I, of course, didn’t consider my lack of sleep, red eye flight schedule and voice irritation into the formula. But, once we got going things went pretty well.

alex schumacher

In this episode, we talk about how Alex got into making comics. We address the differences between indy comics and mainstream.  We wax nostalgic for the 1990’s.  Alex tells us why he works with an editor.


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alex schumacher

The Unemployment Adventures of Aqualung

For over seventy-five years, Agent Aqualung has defended the country from supernatural forces as part of the 88, a covert branch of the Department of Defense. A pink slip and a sealed letter sends shock waves through the covert initiative – they are being permanently dismantled due to budget cuts. Collecting his severance, a new identity, suit, and fake resume, and a small orange tree (which holds the soul of St. Germain, his only friend), Aqualung must adjust to a life in the real world. His first task? Finding gainful employment, of course!


About Alex Schumacher

he has toiled away in the relative obscurity of minimum-wage jobs and underground comics longer than he cares to admit. Currently, he produces the weekly illustrated feature Decades of (in)Experience for Antix Press, the bi-weekly column Bread Crumbs from the Void for Five 2 One Magazine, and the monthly comic strip Mr. Butterchips for Drunk Monkeys.

About Jeremy

Jeremy is a salesman, frustrated artist and giant nerd.
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