GC162 Interview with Matt Gudernatch

Matt Gudernatch joins Jeremy to talk about his series Breakfast the series, filmmaking, and comedy.  The idea behind this web series is dark, funny and kind of sad. I am going to spoil the hook by telling it to you, but I am going to do it anyways.  Breakfast the Series is about a guy with a sex robot, who won’t sleep with him.

Matt Gudernatch

Talking Points

  • What are the ethics of having a sex robot?
  • Is human-like AI on the horizon?
  • How did Matt get into filmmaking
  • Isn’t that a lot of robot for 8 grand?

About Breakfast the series

Not really sure what you’re expecting here. It’s a web series about a guy who falls in love with a [SPOILER ALERT] and they can’t get on the same page, so they eat breakfast together for months. The brainchild of Matthew Gudernatch, “Breakfast: The Series” was a chance to show the world that you can literally make whatever you want.

(As long as you have talented friends)


About Matt Gudernatch


Matthew has written and produced short films, commercials, and pilots for TV. You can see him as an actor in commercials, television, and on Instagram in his bathtub. His dad thinks he should send in an audition tape to Survivor


About Jeremy

Jeremy is a salesman, frustrated artist and giant nerd.
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