GC161 Standard Comics Rebirth

I was looking for people to have on as guests back in August when I came across Roy Johnson’s Standard Comics project.  An abridged encyclopedia had just been released and they were warming up for their Kickstarter to publish the first issue.  I reached out to Roy and asked him to come on, and he told me to wait… so I waited.

Standard Comics Rebirth

Standard Comics Rebirth

Standard Comics was a comic book imprint of American publisher Ned Pines. After they folded in 1956 many of their characters fell into the public domain. As a result, their characters began to appear in other publisher’s book in the 80’s. Roy began commissioning artwork of Standard characters. After that, he imagined about a world where Standard Comics never folded.

Not content to use just public domain characters, Roy also created his own characters and mixed them in. Check out the characters on the website or the abridged encyclopedia.





About the Universe

The Standard Comics Universe is made up of a variety of heroes and villains, including updated public domain characters (like TNT Todd or the Grim Reaper) and original characters (like UltraMan, Optima, Star-Storm, Chthonak, Emulex, and Dreadhelm).

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Roy began commissioning comic art in 2010 and quickly settled into pieces featuring old public domain superheroes with the idea that “Standard Comics” (a real company until the 1950’s) bought all these characters and published them together in a shared universe. Eventually, his own creations crept into the mix.


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  1. Roy Johnson says:

    Thanks for the interview! I think that’s the longest I’ve ever talked.

    The Kickstarter is Live!


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