GC160 Sibs with Kimberly Niccole


The web series Sibs caught me off guard.  It has a mix of goofiness, charm and out and out sibling mean-ness that punched me right in the funny bone.  Kimberly Niccole one of the Siblings who created the series joined me to talk about her acting history, sibling relationships, being carried off of a soccer field and social media marketing.sibs

Kimberly tells us about the concept and creation of the show, the execution and the plans for a second season.

We had a number of technical issues while trying to record this episode, she had to phone in and we lost a little time because of it, but I think you will find her just as charming and funny as I did.



“Sibs” is a new Comedy Web Series following brother-sister team, Bryan, and Kim, in celebration of a loving sibling rivalry, adulting and selfie culture in Los Angeles.Our funny videos highlight the bond between our unwitting Sibs. Our series stars real-life Sibling team, actress Kimberly Niccole, and actor Bryan Scamman. The show is shot exclusively on iPhone 7, edited exclusively in iMovie and Episodes are filmed, edited and released within a 12-hr period to capture the caught-on-film moments and selfie/millennial style.

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