Ranking Friday the 13th Part 2 with Chris and Jeremy

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Well, I guess the low numbers couldn’t last.  Now we move on to The posthuman Jason era of Friday the 13th. Chris (previous guest and founder of Return to Camp Blood Podcast) and I are going to rate each Friday movie on the scale of 1 to 12.  This is a highly objective listing and is meant only as our personal rankings and not a definitive listing.  To be sure we do not agree with each other very often on this list, and many of you won’t agree with us either.  This is part 2 of a three-part series where we will rank all of the current Friday the 13th Movies.  This article was preceded by Ranking Friday the 13th Movies with Jeremy & Chris Part 1


The Post-Human Jason Era

Friday the 13th: A New Begining


Jeremy “This movie should have been called “Friday the 13th: We had a Bold Concept, but our balls got cold”.  I know it is easy to bag on this movie, it had some good ideas in it.  It wasn’t really allowed to stretch out and grow.  For me, this comes in at number 11, and that is really all I have to say about it.”

Chris “I have a lot better things to say about this film than Jeremy. There’s a lot of talk by fans of this franchise about getting back to the formula, and for me, this is the only other film in the series to sort of mirror the formula set up in Part 1. It’s a who-done-it and the “unmkasing” of the real killer is really surprising. I’m a huge fan of the final chase scene with Melanie Kinnamon and John Shepard’s Tommy Jarvis is so perfectly played, you can practically feel his emotion coming off the screen. For those reasons, Part 5 comes in at number 4 on my list.  I’m surprised you had such a negative response to part 5.”
They were so close to something really good. That it pisses me off that they didn’t follow it up, and it feels like a TV movie.  Well, let’s move on to Jason Lives!  What are your thoughts on this one?

Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Live

Chris Jason Lives! is perhaps my least favorite film in the series, so it comes in at number 12. The Tommy Jarvis character was underwritten and overacted, which is a far cry from the solid performance we got from John Shepard in Part 5. And although I know that Tom McLoughlin was going for a Universal Monster Jason, I thought the way he was brought back to life was forced and ridiculous. I also thought the premise for the film as a whole was weak and lacked any sort of believability in terms of the way the characters behaved all throughout the film. The only positive that comes out of Jason Lives! for me is the fact that this is one of the rare Friday movies that actually brings us back to Camp Crystal Lake.
I am actually shocked to hear that you didn’t like this movie.  Not as shocked as I was to hear you have a new podcast coming out though.  For me this comes in at 7, while I don’t hate the movie, I hate everything this movie did to the franchise.  I hate zombie Jason.  I hate not being afraid of Jason, I hate the jokiness of it from this point forward.
I vehemently dislike every aspect of this film. From the hokey way, Jason comes back to the absolute butchering of Tommy Jarvis both by the writer and by Thom Matthews. The plot is terrible, even for a slasher…I honestly have very few good things to say about this film, to be honest, and for that reason, it comes in dead last at number 12 for me. And yes, I have left the camp and have entered the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the Fallout franchise with The Nucleus: A Post-Apocalyptic Fallout Fan Podcast. Look for the first episode to drop by the end of the month over at nucleuspodcast.com.

Friday the 13th, Part VII: The New Blood

From the camp to the wasteland, and yet the odds of you being butchered by a masked lunatic are roughly the same.  This brings us to number 7 The New Blood.  I really like the concept behind this movie, and I love the cringe-worthy lack of chemistry between the kids in this movie.  But Jason’s makeup was shitty, it fell victim to bean counters and I am pretty sure Bernie was dead before this movie began.  It comes in at number 8 for me.
That is a fair point about masked lunatics, even in the wasteland, but I have a handful of stimpacks and Dogmeat at my side…I’m ready! I’ve always said that Kane Hodder was arguably one of the best Jasons, but got the unfortunate distinction of being in some of the more poorly written ones. While I rate this movie slightly above Part 6 at number 11, I disagree about Jason’s makeup, at least while masked. Even though Jason is an unstoppable killing machine in previous films, for some reason, like with Part 6, I dislike the overt supernatural elements in the film, mainly the telekinesis of Tina. Speaking of Tina, I really thought Lar Park Lincoln’s portrayal of Tina was at often times over the top and silly. However, I will say that one of the most satisfying deaths in the movie because he was such a dick. I do agree that Jason’s face reveal left much to be desired and the makeup on his face was, as you say, shitty.

Friday the 13th, Part VIII – Jason Takes Manhattan

Alright, we move on to Jason Takes Vancouver.  Which comes in at number 12 as it is my absolute least favorite in the series.  A movie so bad even Kelly Hu couldn’t help it… where do i even start on this heap of burning tires?
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Well let’s start with Camp Crystal Lake is now connected to the ocean, with that never have been hinted at before…
or Some really dull characters? Or Jason being unmasked and it turns out he now looks like a rotten jack o’lantern and then he turns into a child somehow… I need a drink just thinking about this travesty and sham of a movie.
I didn’t mind Manhattan as much as other folks. It was interesting to see the evolution of Hodder’s Jason from the last film. I really dig the fact that he meticulously stalked and killed throughout the ship. There’s not a bunch else positive I can say about the film, but I rank it at a solid 9.
Okay, we will go ahead and break here, and be back in a few then come back to discuss the last four Friday films in the franchise.

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