GC158 Keith Carmona and James Burton from Scattered Comics

After Jason Dube of Scattered Comics was on the show, the possibility of having creators of some of their titles as guest came up.  I jumped at the offer to have Keith Carmona and James Burton to talk about their respective comic books Blank and Damage Inc.  We learn how drawing stick figures with big boobs, and teaching High School creative writing classes can lead to the same place in life.

Jeremy also gets a chance to complain about Dc Comics New 52 again.

James and Keith are very happy with Scattered Comics.  They talk about their journeys into comic creation, and the many twists and turns they followed along the way.  Hopefully, you will enjoy their stories and maybe even learn a little something.


Damage Inc from Scattered ComicsDamage Inc. are Metahunters, We are a group that collects bounties on the things that the cops are not financed to do. Frankly, it’s dangerous to catch someone who can spit fire or hunt down a Wendigo lumberjack who has not forgotten how to use a chainsaw. The unions frankly won’t let them in on it without massive hazard pay so enter the modern Bounty hunter. Enter Damage Inc.







Blank from Scattered ComicsBlank started as a novel focusing on how a society loses words and memory and allows base desires to control their lives. The comic book depicts a city taken over by a corporation (SynapCorp) which transforms the once pleasant coastal town into a haven for sex and violence. And all completely legal. Our hero, Echs, is one of the few  remaining  journalists still working in a town without print news and is dependent on sponsors to publish and get paid. Disgusted by what this society has become, and what SynapCorp has done to it, he searches for the history of the city before the corporate takeover and hope to find a way bring it back to what it once was.







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