Geekish Cast Live Captain America Secret Empire Ends

We are back!  Geekish Cast Live returns after a few weeks off.  Jeremy, Joe (from Joe on Joe), Paul, and Chris (from The Nucleus Podcast) are here to tell you what has us geeking out, to comment on the biggest stories of the week, and to talk about how Secret Empire ends.  Grab your Funyuns and Mountain Dew, we have a lot to talk about!

What are we geeking out about?

Chris Star Wars Destiny

In every game of Star Wars: Destiny, you’ll gather your small team of iconic characters and battle to defeat your foes, using your dice and the cards in your deck. The last player with characters left standing wins the game, but to successfully outmaneuver your opponent, you’ll need to carefully consider your options and enhance your deck with new dice and cards. If you ever wondered who would win a duel between two teams of heroes and villains from the Star Wars universe, there’s no better way to find out than with Star Wars: Destiny.

Joe Destiny 2

You are one of humanity’s last remaining Guardians. Your home and your power has been taken from you by a brutal invader – Ghaul. With humanity on the brink, it’s up to you to fight back and reclaim our world.

Paul Hellboy Omnibus and new Movie

Hellboy is a fictional superhero created by writer-artist Mike Mignola. The character first appeared in San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2, and has since appeared in various miniseries.

Jeremy Rami Malak as Freddie Mercury

A chronicle of the years leading up to Queen‘s legendary appearance at the Live Aid (1985) concert in 1985.

Top 3 News Stories this week

#1 Images from new Hellboy Movie


New images from Hellboy boosts peoples spirits

#2 J.J. Abrams comes back to write and direct Star Wars 9

J.J. Abrams

A knife fight breaks out over J.J’s return to Star wars

#3 Len Wein passes away

Len Wein

We lost a giant this week, a creator of Swamp Thing and Wolverine has passed away.

Old Man Joe’s old Comic Pick

Justice League of America comic books issues 100-102

Read it here in  Justice League of America: The Bronze Age Omnibus Vol. 1

1st meeting of Golden Age and Silver Age Wonder Woman. Cover art by Nick Cardy. The Unknown Soldier of Victory!, script by Len Wein, pencils by Dick Dillin, inks by Joe Giella; A new menace looms once again vs. the JLA and JSA during the middle of their annual celebration, as they face off vs. a menace that almost destroyed the Seven Soldiers of Victory: The Hand; The two groups split up into smaller teams as they try to solve the mystery of the lost Seventh Soldier in battle; A mysterious presence known as the Oracle aids them in their quest as they try to reunite the Seven Soldiers, scattered throughout time on Earth-2.

Paul’s Picks

Defenders #5 Marvel Comics

Maillarworld Annual 2017 Maillar World


Captain America’s Secret Empire Ends

Last year Marvel made Captain America into a Hydra sympathizer.  Now the story secret Empire has wrapped up.  How do we feel about it?  Find out here.

Secret Empire


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