Ellen Dubin loves Sci-Fi now

I watched “My Roommate’s an Escort”  “The Mean Boss Lady” (interview with the creators here) and spotted an actress playing “the boss” that I recognized but wasn’t sure from where.  As the question of who she was gnawed at me, I wandered over to IMDB and looked her up.  No wonder I knew her, her name is Ellen Dubin she has been in everything!

Ellen Dubin My Roommate's an Escort

Ellen was in Sailor Moon (an uncredited role, if you know the episode please let me know which it was), Tammy & The T-Rex (no really this was a movie with some people you have heard of trailer here)she played Giggerota the Wicked on Lexx, has voiced some of your favorite games, was in Napolean Dynomite and has a new series on Amazon.  I could not possibly list all of her credits, so go check out her out on IMDB.

I had a ton of fun recording this interview with Ellen Dubin.  She has an interesting story, about how she went from dancing to acting, and from not liking sci-fi to loving it.

Have a listen to our conversation, then go check her out on the interwebs.

Recently Released


Ellen Dubin on "Nobility"

When the dysfunctional government, The Confederate Alliance, decides to create a documentary of the flagship Nobility, political turmoil breaks out as it becomes apparent that the crew of the Nobility aren’t the heroes they were looking for – but they just may be the heroes humanity needs.

Website: http://nobilityseries.com/

Amazon Video: http://amzn.to/2wghDQL

Coming Soon

“Burying Yasmeen”

One man’s odyssey to put a ring on his dead ex-wife.

One roommate running away from the love of his life.

A lost geographical surveyor and A wounded raccoon…

Did I mention her character is named Vaginia?

Additional Links

Ellen’s Web Site: http://ellendubin.com/

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