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I first caught Jason Dube’s name from Andrea Molinari and again the next time he appeared,  and later when I was joined by Melissa McCommon.  I added his name and the name of Scattered Comics to my list of “remember to reach out to”  names.  The last year at Central Valley Con I met Shane Will (Scattered Comics ops manager) and picked up his comic “Caliber” and I promised myself I was going to reach out to Scattered Studios right away. Sometime later Jason Dube contacted me via our Facebook Page about reviewing one of their comics.

This is a really fun conversation, where we learn a lot about Jason, his time as a fan and as a creator.  We delve into using Scattered services to get a comic made as well.  If you are interested in self-publishing, hiring someone to help you make a comic or comics as a business in general, Jason has a lot to say.

Some titles Scattered Studios help make


Some topics / Questions

  • How did Jason get Scattered Comics started?
  • What are the steps to get a comic book made by Scattered Studios?
  • How many ways can Jeremy compare plumbing to comic book creation?


Scattered Comics

Scattered Studios


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