Ranking Friday the 13th Movies with Jeremy & Chris Part 1

Ranking Friday the 13th

Chris (previous guest and founder of Return to Camp Blood Podcast) and I are going to rate each Friday movie on the scale of 1 to 12.  This is a highly objective listing and is meant only as our personal rankings and not a definitive listing.  To be sure we do not agree with each other very often on this list, and many of you won’t agree with us either.  This is part 1 of a three part series where we will rank all of the current Friday the 13th Movies.

Image result for friday the 13th 19801.Ranking Friday the 13th (1980)

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Jeremy  “For Me, this comes in fifth. It is a great movie and sets up many tropes that get referenced from here out, but it also lacks many of the elements that a “Friday” movie needs to have. Where does it come in on yours, Chris?”

Chris “Here’s the issue that I have when rating these films: there are so many that I really think are great, and only a few that I think are relative crap. So while it gets easier to rate them near the bottom, the top is often difficult for me and can change on a dime. With that said, I’m going to have to put Part 1 at number 6. Betsy Palmer is fantastic as Mrs. Voorhees and I think Adrienne King is one of the great final girls in the series. I love that it’s a who-done-it, and even when Pamela finally reveals herself, it takes a little bit to realize that she’s been the one killing people. The final show down between Alice and Pamela is among my favorites.”

Jeremy “That was less difficult than I expected… so let’s move onto something that may prove a little more controversial.  How do you rate Friday the 13th Part 2?”


Image result for friday the 13th part 22.Ranking Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)

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Chris “Part 2 is another tough one. It used to be that I would direct any noobie to the series to Part 3 to get all pertinent back story, but after watching Part 2 more and more, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s required watching. With that said, I only put this film at number 7 for me. Ginny is my favorite final girl. She’s cute, and smart, and I really like the way she uses what she’s studying to at least slow Jason down. One of the only reasons I rate this film so low is that they pretty much take Jason’s mask from The Town That Dreaded Sundown…and I ain’t even mad about it.”

Jeremy “This isn’t tough for me at all.  Part 2 is my number one in the series, geez I wish this was a countdown it feels anticlimactic now.  Look this is the first Friday movie that I really remember seeing.  It scared the hell out of me, had a freakish looking murderer stalk sexy teen and 20 somethings while they had sex and did drugs to each other.  The amount of world building done in this movie was also pretty awesome.  To me this is the template for a good Friday film.  Which of course leads us to…


Image result for friday the 13th part 33.Ranking Friday the 13th Part 3

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Jeremy  My number two pick is Part 3.   So why does this discofest deserve to be in my top 2?  Well it keeps to the formulae developed in part 2, Jason is still a creepy killer and not an undead juggernaut, and the women are still al beautiful. I actually think the Jason in this movie is one of the most frightening, he looks like someone you could actually see in real life.”

Chris “Part 3 for me is further down my list at number 5. I didn’t like the continuity of how Jason looks from Part 2, but I am a fan of how he gets the ever famous hockey mask. Plus, one of my favorite characters is Shelly. And, as always, Rick is a d-bag.”

Jeremy “Rick is a Super d-bag and really rapey. I imagine the next one will be a little easier…..”


Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (Deluxe Edition)4. Ranking Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

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Jeremy “Chris, how about the final chapter?”

Chris “The final chapter looms large in my list. It comes in at number 3 for me. I love Corey Feldman as the young Tommy Jarvis and Ted White’s Jason was, simply put, unrelenting. Tom Savini comes back for the effects and it really shows through. And the final chase scene is among the best in the series.”

Jeremy “I have a few caveats to deal with up front.  This movie contains some of the highest production value, best acting, greatest special effects… and Tommy’s meltdown at the end while killing Jason was perhaps the mosy visceral scene from any movie in the franchise. I also rank this film in 3rd place.  I feel to really appreciate this movie it has to be seen in context of the previous two movies.  Also they seem to imply Rob has been after Jason for a long period of time, when his sister would have just been killed a few days before.”


Check back next month for part 2 of ranking Friday the 13th.

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