Our Highlights from Modesto Con 2017

Jules and I just got home from day one of Modesto Con.  This is quickly becoming my favorite summer event in town.  I really enjoy seeing the local artists, the Indy comics and the celebrities that appear here.  The plan was to get interviews, but the room was not conducive to the recording device I was using.  Instead, we will just talk about some of our personal highlights.  We did not get to speak to everyone, and I apologize to everyone that has been left off the list…. but here are our highlights from Modesto Con 2017.



Jeremy and Larry Modesto Con 2017Larry Nemecek

Our old pal Larry was at Modesto Con 2017 promoting “The Con of Wrath” and “Portal 47”.  We have had Larry on the show before (here and here), so it was great to meet him in person.  While in town he is also presenting at the USS Balthasar Commissioning Celebration.  I am pushing for him to come on in September after Star Trek Discovery premieres.


Jeremy and Rico Modesto Con 2017Rico E. Anderson

Rico has also been on Geekish Cast before (here or here, here and here).  An interesting guy who has a number of acting and voice acting credits to his name, he is also really knowledgable about comics, sci-fi, Star Trek and a number of other topics.  Did I mention he gets his neck broken in Star Trek Renegades?


Ryan T. Husk

I met Ryan last year (2016) at Classic Comic Con (podcast episodes here and here) in Modesto CA.  He is an actor and producer known for Renegades (2017), 5th Passenger (2017) and Blade of Honor (2017).  This guy has been involved in a lot of sci -fi on the production side as well as acting.

Chunky Girls Universe

We had the Chunk Girls on last year to discuss all of the things they are up to.  Always love running into Marissa.  They have a new children’s book out now.

Jules and a snake at Modesto Con 2017Tracy Comic Con/ Shedskin Reptiles

Last year I hosted the panels at Tracy Con/ Reptile show.  it was a cool event and a great cause to support.  So when we saw their table at Modesto Con we had to stop so Jules could get a picture with a snake… don’t tell anyone but I am afraid of snakes.



Dominic Davi

Dominic is one of my favorite people on the con circuit here in California.  He is a comic book writer, artist, blog host and and the founder of the band Tsunami Bomb.  We have similar gaming and horror interests and have even become Playstation pals.  he has been on the podcast as well.  

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

I am hoping to have these guys on soon.  They make funny movies about gaming, and I am not sure what else needs to be said.  here is a link to their website so you can read up on them until I can get them on the show.

Jeremy Dez and DennisDez Demise and Dennis Knight

Dez and Dennis hail from Pronto Comics.  I hope to have them each on soon.



Here are some other pics from the show

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There you have it, our top moments from day one of Modesto Con 2017.  I apologize to everyone I left out, and hope everyone looking at this makes it to day two on July 9th, 2017.  I am looking forward to 2018 already.

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