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When Rick the head of Astropanda Productions (our podcast network) offered me a chance to interview Kathy Coleman (aka Holly Marshall), I leapt at it.   Kathy had recently released her autobiography “Run Holly Run”.  If you grew up in the 70’s and 80’s or watched Sci-Fi channel after that you have seen “Land of The Lost”.

Land of the Lost

But what you may not have known is how good the writing was or that a number of Star Trek alumni worked on it.  I have always had a sneaking love for this show.

In this interview, we talk about how she landed the role of Holly Marshall, what it was like to work with the Sleestak and the fact that Chaka was not played by Clint Howard.  Kathy tells us about how she got into entertainment, the 1990’s revival of “Land of the Lost”, what she did when she left the entertainment industry, why she wrote the book and a little about her life on the convention circuit.

Kathy Coleman as Holly Marshall

Other topics we hit this episode:

  • How did she land her role on Land of The Lost?
  • Why was the writing better than you’d expect from a children’s program?
  • Was Holly almost in the reboot series in the 90’s?
  • Was she scared of the Sleestak?


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