Outbreak Mutiny by Jay Sandlin

Episode 149 Outbreak Mutiny

Jeremy is joined by author, history buff and publisher Jay Sandlin about his book and his love of history and superheroes.

outbreak mutiny

About Outbreak Mutiny

December 31, 1929, was a Day That Lived in Infamy. A war between extraordinary beings with superpowers ended in DEFEAT for the United States and her Allies. Darkness fell on a Golden Age of heroes at the hands of the REICH.
Ten years later, all still mourn the anniversary of the day the Reich seized control during Operation TripleReich. Life is a struggle for the Remnant States occupying the middle of the Old US.

No Matter the Time or Place, their Choice is Clear:

Die Free or Live in Chains.


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Jeremy is a salesman, frustrated artist and giant nerd.
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