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Scott Phillips has written all kinds of stuff: films, TV, books, comics and even dialogue for talking dolls. He’s the author of the PETE, DRINKER OF BLOOD series, as well as several other books. Scott wrote the screenplay for the cult action flick DRIVE (1997), and twelve episodes of the CW Network’s KAMEN RIDER DRAGON KNIGHT.
Perhaps most importantly, he once performed as a stand-in for the legendary Lemmy in the video for Motorhead’s “Sacrifice.”

scott phillips

We talk about

  • Where Pete, Drinker of Blood came from
  • how to promote your self-published books in person and on Amazon
  • What’s it like to have Guillermo Del Torro steal some of your scenes
  • His pitch for Freddy vs. Jason
  • Scott and I share a mutual friend Don Adams

You can find Scott Phillips on Facebook, and IMDB

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