GC146 Everette Hartsoe writer producer artist and creator

Jeremy talks to comic book and movie creator Everette Hartsoe.  The discuss how he ended up creating comics, what he did after the comic book crash of the 90’s and what he is doing now.

Everette Hartsoe 's Razor

Creator of “Razor” a bad girl comic from the 90’s that crossed over with “The Crow”, left comics for more than a decade… and now he is back.

We talk about what he has been up to, why he thinks a new indie comic renaissance is coming, and what he thinks a new comic creator should be trying to establish to get a foot hold on the industry.

Oddly enough I recorded an episode with Everette’s wife a few months back, and didn’t make the connection even though I was a fan of his work back in the 90’s.  You can check that episode out here 

PATREON: www.ehartsoe.com
STORE: www.houseofhartsoe.com
DIGITAL: www.hartsoestudios.com

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