Geekish Cast 140 Todd Tochioka of Snug Comic’s Kindred Homecomings

Jeremy talks to Todd from Snug Comics about his new series “Kindred Homecomings”, manga and classic pro wrestling.

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About Kindred Homecomings

Jane Borchardt, is a hard working actress living in Los Angeles, CA. The daily grind can get exhausting after a while, so when she unexpectedly receives word that she’s inherited her estranged grandmother’s coastal property in the sleepy area of Solano County, she packs her weekend bag and heads north up the Pacific Coast Highway.

Although the house is not in livable condition, Jane decides to clean and fix up what she can in order to sell the property as soon as possible. At night, there are strange noises coming from within the walls, and with the help of the county sheriff, Malinda Claire, Jane soon discovers it’s something much more terrifying than rats in the cellar.

Featuring the 2017 ICFFA Actress of the Year, Jamie Bernatte (@jamiebernadett),

as Jane Borchardt and the Unwritable Rant podcast’s Juliette Miranda (@morningneurosis) as Sheriff Malinda Claire, Kindred Homecomings, will be released as a full-color three-issue limited comic book series. The first issue will be available this coming April!

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Jeremy is a salesman, frustrated artist and giant nerd.
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