The Last Jedi first reaction

The Last Jedi

So Andrea sent me a note this morning claiming the new Star Wars movie would be called The Last Jedi.  I didn’t really believe it since that title was used for a comic and a novel in the past… but soon it proved to be true.

The title would appear to be a reference to Luke Skywalker or maybe Rey.  But I started to wonder if it meant that the Jedi order itself would now be ended much like the Sith.

The new movies have spent a lot of time showing that there are more force users than just the Jedi and Sith. While these are the most famous and largest reaching they are not the only ones.  We have now seen the Church of the Force, Maz Kanata, and the Whils.  This made me wonder if the last Jedi isn’t a character but a statement of fact.

Luke Skywalker will train Rey, but she will not be a Jedi or Sith or anything we have seen before.  She will be something new, maybe an order of Skywalker Knights?

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