MARK WAID To Lead Online Comics Script Writing Master Seminar

Waid joins with Comics Experience.

Source: MARK WAID To Lead Online Comics Script Writing Master Seminar

Press Release

Mark Waid has enjoyed one of the comic book industry’s most successful careers, writing for DC, Marvel, and every major independent publisher. His experience and expertise bring the kind of knowledge that would benefit every aspiring comics creator.

And now he’s sharing that knowledge in a special one-day Comics Experience Master Seminar on March 18, 2017: Comics Script Writing with Mark Waid.

Waid is currently the writer on Black Widow and Avengers for Marvel and the writer of the iconic Kingdom Come for DC, among many other titles. He also runs his own publishing company, Thrillbent, which publishes critically acclaimed comics like Empire.

Waid will walk students through the process of imagining, outlining, and writing a story for comics — and then through taking it to the next level toward publication. Along the way in this intensive six-hour course, he’ll discuss the decisions he’s made throughout his career that have contributed to his success.

“We’re going to go over where ideas come from, how to shape them into stories, how to create pitches and proposals and full scripts, and much more,” said Waid.

“Mark’s been an inspiration to so many creators, myself included. Years ago, Mark was my first editor and I learned so much from him and he so naturally communicates his ideas and lessons, that he’s a perfect choice for a master seminar like this one,” said Comics Experience founder Andy Schmidt, who will host the seminar.

Spaces are limited for the Mark Waid Master Seminar, so prospective students are encouraged to register now at the Comics Experience website. The price for the seminar is $295, and it includes two weeks of access to a recording of the session, including the question-and-answer portion.

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