Finding Artists – for comic book writers


Finding Artists – for comic book writers

So you have a great idea for a comic book, and decide to put your money where your mouth (or pen) are.  You slave away on a script,  and now you need to get it onto the comic book page.  How do you go about finding artists? Where to look? What to do?

Lucky for writers and prospective artists, I spoke with Andrea Molinari (creator/writer of The Shepherd) and Joshua S. Heneman  (creator of Bigfoot Sword of the Earthman) about how they handled just that problem and the solutions they found.

We discuss their experiences from idea to script to the comic book page.  They tell us how they found artists, what they ran into that they weren’t expecting and why paying your artists is important. We touch on the pitfalls and ugly truths of the industry and the creative life in general.

Important Take-Aways:

  • Pay your Artist, even if you have to take another part time job.
  • Be relentless in pursuing a publisher.
  • Self-publish, if you have to.
  • Network and go to cons!
  • Pay attention to lettering! Letterers are more important than you think!


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