GC099 Shazam!

GC099 Shazam !


I have been a fan of the “Big Red Cheese” AKA The Original Captain Marvel since the 70’s. I hoped to have someone on who really knew the character, Captain Marvel. Due to this I was excited when I met Jeff from Shazamcast.com. He agreed to come on and tell us about Captain Marvel and his history.

Shazamcast, a podcast dedicated to Earth’s Mightiest Mortal, Captain Marvel of the DC Universe.

This site and its related podcast exist because (a) Captain Marvel is a wonderfully compelling, enjoyable character and (b) too few people are aware of this fact.

As a result, the Shazamcast is on a mission to connect fans of Captain Marvel and raise the profile of this figure to the kind of significance he deserves so that more can enjoy his exploits.


Shazam on DCComics.com
Captain Marvel on Wikipedia

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